Hi, I am Louie Hendrick, a eleven year old boy from Dublin, Ireland.I am learning html (a coding system) in fifth class.This website is dedicated to Formula 1.I am a big fan of motor racing in general, cars, and things that go fast. My Formula 1 idols are Kimi Räikkönen and Ayrton Senna. While I am Making this website I am aware that a F1 Ambassador, Niki Lauda has died. He was heavily involved with Mercedes and was in a coma at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year. I hope you enjoy my F1 stories.

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Niki Lauda


The formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo crashed into his teammate. It happened at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Red Bull drivers crashed into turn one. Ricciardo was the quicker driver, but his teammate Max Verstappen had track position and would not let his Australian teammate get by. Verstappen got very aggressive as last time out in China (the previous week) and he collided with Sebastian Vettel. Ricciardo attempted to overtake him but Verstappen cut across him in the braking zone. After this race, Ricciardo got a contract with Renault.


Spa-Francarchamps in Belgium is the longest track on the F1 calendar. It is 44 laps long, but not a single one is boring! It was the start of the 2018 Johnnie Walker Belgian Grand Prix. It was lights out and away they went! Hamilton defended his first place from the Prancing Horse (Ferrari), but it all kicked off in the back of the pack. Nico Hulkenberg locked up all of his tyres, couldn't stop and went into the back of Fernando Alonso. Alonso got launched over Charles Leclerc. The Monagasque was oblivious to what was going on behind him and got a huge shock. A new safety device was added for 2018 called the "halo". It saved Leclerc from what could have been a fatal injury

Fernando Alonso gets air!!!

Damage on Leclerc's "halo"


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