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Hi. My name is Lochlann. I am 11 and I have two brothers. I am in fifth class in St. Pius X B.N.S. I have been learning coding since last Christmas.

My Website

My website is on the Weather of Ireland. I hope you enjoy it.


Our wettest months are from October to January, and each month we might see about 130mm of rain. The most rain in Ireland falls over the western half of the country, which is because of the warm Atlantic Ocean. The shower clouds coming off the Atlantic are formedby air rising over the warm ocean beneath. They drop their rain at the west coast but they mostly wear out before they reach the east.


Rain occurs when water in the clouds condenses into raindrops. This happens when water vapour attatches to tiny particles which float in the air. At first the raindrops are too small to fall out of the sky. They gather up other raindrops and soon become big enough. It falls to the ground as rain. The rainiest day ever in one place had 243mm of rain.


Snow can form if it is very cold. It is, because, the rain can become solid and freeze. The ice sticks together and forms snow. Sometimes the snowflakes can melt when they get close to the Earth. Snow in Ireland rarely stays for five minutes because we have a temperate climate. Sleet is a mixture of snow and rain. We get it when it is too cold for rain but too warm for snow.

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