Hi my name is Jake I'm eleven years old and I am doing a project on computers. I have been doing HTML code for a few weeks and I hope I have got pretty good at it and can make you enjoy it. I have recently broke my arm and can not type that fast. Computers are things that I like a lot but I am not too experienced with them.

Computer parts

Graphics card






Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are very good if you get a good one. If you buy a good gaming PC most likely it will be 500 euro +. If you get one for 500 or below it's not going to be that good. FPS is one of the most imporant parts of a gaming PC if you have a low FPS(under 50) you will probably have a bad computer. FPS means frames per second. A high FPS(over 120) is amazing - your game will be really smooth if you have a high FPS computer. The human eye can see up 1050 fps.

Binary code

Binary code is a code used to make computers. Binary code is just ones and zeros and no other numbers. I learned binary code this year. At first I did not get it but then I got the hang of it. Binary was invented in 1689 by Gottfried Leibniz. Binary was invented almost three centuries ago. Using Binary the first modern PC was invented in between 1833 and 1871.


Keyboards are rectanguler shaped. They have tons of little squares on them called keys. All of those keys have letters or numbers on them. If you press one of them it will apear on the screen. There are two types of keyboards: mechanical and basic. Mechanical keyboards are most used for gaming because they have quick response times but are more expensive. Basic keyboards have a slower response time but are much cheaper.

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