Best game in Liverpool history

1. UEFA Champions League final 2005:The final took place in Istanbul where Liverpool played against AC Milan. AC Milan where one of the best teams at the time they had players like Maldini,Pirlo,Crespo and Kaka. There team had world class players but so did Liverpool like Steven Gerard and Jamie Carragher.Going into this AC milan were favorites going into this game. The game kicked-off and AC Milan were in front like that Paolo Maldini with the goal in the first minute and AC Milan were in cruise control with that early goal and Liverpool looked half asleep on the pitch.Then Hernán Crespo added 2 goals to the score-sheet Liverpool nedded to hang on till half time and get a right talking to after that diabolical first half display.They did that and hung on till half time. It was 3-0 to AC Milan at half time. It looked liked half the Liverpool supporters have left thinking it was over but if they can do that in one half we can it 10x better in the 2nd half.The second half kicked of and it looked like Liverpool were already doing better.Steven Gerrard scored a header to make it 3-1 to Liverpool and there was hope all of a suddon. Vladmír Šmicer scored a goal to make it 3-2 to AC Milan.Then it went to Extra Time and unfortunally for both teams no goals were scored. Liverpool had strong penalty takers but so did AC Milan.The Greatest Comeback Of All Time has been completed it ended up being 3-2 on penalties both teams didn't do well in the penalty shoot out but Liverpool won it by the skin of their teeth,so the final score is 3-3 but Liverpool win on penalties 3-2.

Hernán Crespo

Steven Gerrard lifting Champions league trophy


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