Hello, this is my website on sports. A bit about me:
My name is Dan I'm in 5th class which makes me 11 years old. I have one brother and one sister. I also have a cat called iCarly.
In Cricket Ireland played England in one day Cricket but sadly they lost. They are playing the West Indies in Cricket which iam going to btw.
In AFL the bombers the team I go for sadly lost against the Cats. They are now third but the Cats are first.
In soccer Liverpool came back 3 nil down against Barcelona to win 4 nil they are through to the final could it be like Istanbul or will Spurs or Ajax win. Ajax are beating Spurs 1 nil with an away goal.Man City are top of the league beating Lecister 1 nil.
In basketball the Milwakuee Bucks are first in the Eastern confrence and the Golden Gate Warriers are first in the Western confrence.

The Champions

Man City have just got the treble. To win the premier league they were 1 nil down to Brighton but then they came back to win 4 goals to 1. They beat Watford 6-0.Here is some bad news Man City's captain Vincent Kompany will be leaving in the Summer.Here is a video to show you some more rumors and signings .

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