November 2019

Could This be Photo of the Year???

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We think Ms. Gallagher may have pulled it out of the bag with this fabulous shot of her class with the mounted police. Thanks to the Gardai for visiting St. Pius this morning and showing the boys their wonderful, trained horses. The guards spoke to the boys about their role and the boys got to see the horses up real close.

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Winter Run

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Thirds, fourths and fifths had a great experience at the Terenure College schools cross country run this morning. Well done to all the boys who took part and a special well done to our medallists. Richard from third class pictured here and Shane (below) in fifth class crossing the line in first place.

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Annual Pius VDP Appeal

We invite you to donate non-perishable and luxury food items to our annual St. Vincent de Paul collection coordinated by our 5th class boys. The generosity over the last number of years has been incredible. Final day for donating – Thursday 12th December.
Our annual Carols In The Yard collection for VdeP takes place on our last day – Friday 20th December - at 11:30am. Thank you

Choirs and Comic Books

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Isaac (sixth class) will be singing in RTE with Cór na nÓg on two occasions before Christmas. Well done Isaac.

Ryan (fourth class) showing Issue 1 of his new comic book to Ronan and Derry in sixth class who were highly impressed.

Photo of the Year (so far . . . )

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Here in Junior Infants, we are having so much fun playing tennis on Wednesdays with Ms Greally. Wimbledon, here we come!

Topping the Charts

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As part of their maths enquiries, Garvin and Cian carried out a poll in the school and charted the results. The investigation topic was Premiership Teams and you can see the results of the poll clearly for yourself. Well done Cian and Garvin.


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Daragh and Dylan with the trophies they won for kick boxing and TaeKwonDo at the weekend. Dylan won gold in Patterns in the National Championships in Limerick.

Ms. Robinson's Bright Sparks

Ms. Robinson's first class boys carrying out some experiments on static electricity, dancing raisins and a DIY lava lamp.

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PolyMum Oops PolyMer

Aoife, Conor and Daniel’s Mum, called to Ms. McWeeney's, Ms. O'Connor's and Ms. Corcoran's classes to show the boys some real science in action. They worked on making polymers and understanding what polymers are and the infants witnessed elephant toothpaste!!. We think we may also have a late contender for photo of the year (sorry Ms. Gallagher and Ms. Redmond!!). What do you think???

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Building Bridges

Ms. Redmond's boys have been busy scientists this week. Ms. Lally challenged them to build a bridge that had at least a 50cm span, could hold a 1kg weight and be smooth enough that a toy car could drive across it. It sounded easy until she told us we could only use newspaper and sellotape!! The boys worked together to build some amazing bridges that all fitted the brief!
We were so lucky to also have two scientists call into us. Matt (Darragh's Dad) and Trevor (Donagh's Dad) came in to talk all things science. We even got to see a patterned silicon wafer ready to be cut into chips for the motherboards of computers! A big thanks to Matt and Trevor.

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Tall Tales

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Aiden in Ms. Maxwell's class with his giraffe, TK who came home with him all the way from South Africa. He brought TK in for show and tell. We might need him as a prop in the Lion King (TK, not Aiden!!)

Alan proudly displaying his project on Austria

Ralph has just invented a new superhero named Glupe-Man and immediately put him to work saving the world in the first edition of his comic book.

Science Visits Our Classroom.

Science is really important in our lives. As it is science week 3 parents who use science in their jobs came to speak to Mr. Faherty's 3rd Class today. It was great to see how science can be used in so many different jobs and help our lives in many different ways!
Robbie ( Garda), Matthew (Chemist), Gary (Surgeon).
Well done Dylan, Cian and Ray for their science reports.

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Did We Mention Science Week?

Well done to Ms. Stewart and her boys who experimented with plastic bags of water and pencils going through them and whose turn it was to mop the floor and . . . .

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Callum and Eoin

It's not every day we have two brothers featuring at the same time on the school website - Callum with his Pass of Thermopylae (remember the 300 Spartans of ancient Greece???) Lego model and Eoin with his colourful sand jar which is just so beautiful

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Third Classes Visit Collins Barracks

Look at those super accounts of their visit to Collins Barracks by Sean and Charlie . . . . and how about that for handwriting. Isn't it just the lovelist handwriting you've ever seen? . . . AND . . . great reports too of their visit from Mr. Faherty's Dylan, Oisín and Adam

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Hallowe'en Comes to Pius

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Paddy and Tom getting into the Hallowe'en spirit followed by some pictures of Ms. Maxwell's junior infants in party dress!

Credit Union Art

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Just a few of the entries which are on their way to the Credit Union art competition - Conor in Ms. McWeeney's 4th class, Tom in Mr. Murtagh's 6th class and Eoghan in Mr. Geraghty's 6th class.

Croke Park Win

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Art and Stories

Ms. Corcoran's junior infants with their Hallowe'en art and a few of the boys from Ms. Devenney's class with their autumn and Hallowe'en stories.

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Full Attendees

Well done to the students who registered full attendance last year - not a single day missed - and of course our pupils of the month.

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Joshua, Devan and Lucas

Fionn, Harry and Sam

Senan, Oscar, Cillian, Thomas, Danial, Oisín and Cormac

Aaron, Charlie, Richard, Luke, David, Sam and Oisín

Daniel and Conor

Ronan, Alex and Cillian

Tom, Callum, Tomás and Lochlann

Patrick and Rhys

Daire, Eoin, Danny, Peter, Matthew, Ethan, Sean, Max and Tadhg

Aaron and Harrison

Daragh, Conor, Cillian and Hugo

Geno, Ronan and Conleth

Tomás and Jack

Dad's a Hurler!

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Eoghan in Mr. Geraghty's class with his completed class project entitled 'My Greatest Passion' with hurling as his chosen topic. Here he is pictured with the project and his Dad's All Ireland Senior Hurling Medal he won in 1992 while playing with Kilkenny.